In our own community, hunger is a daily part of the lives of many children.


– 1 in 5 kids suffer from food insecurities
– More than 25% of school aged children live in poverty in Kansas City (US Census)


This issue of hunger and potential homelessness is intensified by an incredible rise in a community’s struggle to make minimum wage or working countless jobs just to keep their homes let alone meals for the family. Children who are undernourished and without at least one significantly good meal a day miss the nutrients, minerals and vitamins their bodies need to grow and develop.

According to the Food Research and Action Center (FRAC), hungry children suffer anywhere from two to four times more than others with daily meals.

This proceeds to manifest in their future as many individuals have greater risk of health problems, unwanted weight loss, constant fatigue, headaches, irritability, inability to concentrate and frequent colds or illness. School-aged children that are hungry find it difficult to concentrate and tend to struggle in school, and this can be seen in other areas where performance is key to learning and connecting.


Harvesters ( has been an integral part in the support for school children’s needs. As a Community Partner with Harvesters’ BackSnack Program, we pack and deliver food to schools across the Kansas City area every Friday to provide for children. As well as managing the food delivered and the outreach for more they are monitoring and researching its effect it has on the community and the children who are a part of the BackSnack Program.  These BackSnacks not only provide substantial meals for the children throughout the weekend, but at times, can also contribute to others in the family, creating dinner for the weekend and support within an individual home during times where food is scarce. 


Could Your School Benefit from the BackSnack Program?

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Paula Pratt, Community Outreach Director at Harvesters 


Phone: 816-929-3091

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